Frequently Asked Questions (January’21)


Q: How much maps do you release per month?
A: From April’21, 4 map packs per month.

Q: If I’ll subscribe to your Patreon, should I pay for each of the 4 maps to get their content?
A: No! You can set a monthly limit when you choose to support us, and set a maximum amount of money you can spend. You still get all of the content of the month, no matter how many pledges per month you gave (for example, you can join Master Tier and pay 4$ for the first 2 maps to get all 4 maps and their content).

Q: Should I register on Patreon to get access to free content?
A: No. You can download from Patreon without registration.

Q: Will I get each piece of content that you previously released?
A: Yes! You’ll get access to everything we ever created + bonuses for your TIER.

Q: I just subscribed to your Patreon, can I quickly find patron-exclusive items, unavailable for downloading before?
A: Yes you can. Just enter any map category and click “Patrons only maps” on the right sidebar.


Q: Can I use your content for my project?
A: If it’s commercial – no. My content is protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License.

Q: Do you accept commissions?
A: Depends on the amount of current work, but you can email me at

Q: How about more asset packs, textures, Foundry support, updating some old content?
A: Yes to all of this, but it takes time to create and even more – to make it right. If you want to give us this time – please consider supporting us on Patreon.

Q: What program do you use to make your maps?
A: Usually it’s just my Wacom tablet and Photoshop, but for exterior and complex images (like cities) I’m using SketchUp for a quick 3D blocking. No other tools.

Q: I find some mistake/broken link/etc., what should I do?
A: Whoops! Just PM me at Patreon or email at and I’ll deal with it asap!