What lurks in caves that are hidden even from the gods? What happens if you go off a centuries-old trail, towards the unknown? What happens if you imagine, for a moment, that familiar places can still hide the ancient secrets?
The cycle «In Search of Obscure» will test the character of your heroes, as they will face the things they haven’t seen before, the things that will seem like a bad dream the next morning. And sometimes the heroes themselves will be their main foe.

The adventure is created without binding to any specific RPG system. You can easily transfer both gameplay features and numerical values to your preferred system.Use the aspects of characters and locations at your discretion, while disclosing or hiding what you want from the characters. Make the heroes pass checks or be guided by common sense – now it’s your adventure!


This adventure will tell a story of an isolated settlement of the Karoko people waiting for the End of Times.  This is the first time in their new history that they seek help directly from the Outside world; otherwise, the Sacred Land on which they have lived for hundreds of years will be corrupt again.


The heroes can learn about a settlement in need of help through an announcement in the city or directly from SHILLAH, who hides in the city shadows, searching for those who are worthy for her quest.
Shillah is a young woman in simple and long clothes. She clearly does not want to be seen, but the mask on her head in a form of a bird makes her stand out from the crowd.

  • Shillah is interested in the smallest details of a life in the outside world, even those that are so familiar to its inhabitants.
  • She shudders at every rustle, which makes her look as if she was ready either to attack the source of friction or run away at any moment.

* Elder Ghollah’s daughter
* Curious about even the simplest and familiar things of Outside World
* In anticipation of imminent danger
* [Hidden] Doesn’t believe in tales about the vicious Outside world
* [Hidden] Wants to escape the settlement
* [Hidden] Wants the heroes to fail the mission


Shillah, having stared the heroes up and down and having decided they can fit for the quest, will tell about her settlement and people in a quiet voice.

  • Karoko people have been isolated from the rest of the world for generations. The community are waiting for the End of Times when the world will fall and the gods will punish the wicked and vicious, while leaving only the sinless and pure people like them. And maybe only them
  • Recently, an event that exposed their settlement to the dangers of the outside world happened – the artifact SHARD that protected their settlement and hid it from the eyes of the travelers and the Dead Forest, making the sacred land fertile, was broken.
  • Every time when the Shard is destroyed (and this happened only once, too long ago for anyone to remember it – there are only terrible stories and tales about a life in those conditions), it emerges in the Sanctuary of the Ancients – the old ruins, where the ancestors of Karoko lived thousands of years ago.
This fairy tale tells a story about the Karoko people spending days and nights being indulged in lust of the outside world by inviting people from outside, forgetting their traditions and customs, forgetting the memory of their ancestors, which led to breaking of the Shard at one of the festivity and bursting of the DEAD FOREST BEASTS into the settlement. Only a few families survived, who were constantly laughed for their unconditional worship of gods and traditions.
There was nothing left for them but to go through the Dead forest to the SANCTUARY. On their way, they lost a few more people, who were torn to pieces by the terrible creatures. The Forest did not accept the remains of their bodies, but patched up the wounds of the killed ones with roots and leaves, turning them into its minions.
Being chased, they reached the ruined Sanctuary, where they met the God of their people in the form of a Serpent (it could have many forms), when it, tortured and bleeding, crawled out of the well, holding the Shard in its teeth.
The God of the Karoko people died, but they had its last gift – the brought Shard, the origin of which was unknown even to their God. Since then, the Karoko people have no divine protection, which means that the other gods will not forgive them another mistake.
  • The Sanctuary of the Ancients is a sacred and inviolable place. Whoever desecrates it with the blood of the Forest beasts will curse all the people of Karoko. However, the heroes will remain untouched by the curse, as they were born and used to live in the Outside world for some time, which means they are vicious and cursed already.
  • The reward will be worthy – the Elder GHOLLAH of the Karoko people, the mother of Shillah, promises some of her heirloom jewels – and if it makes the gods and the spirit of the Dead God angry, she will bear their curses.

If the heroes agree, Shillah will take them to the settlement from where they will go to the Dead forest, to the Sanctuary.
Despite all efforts, Shillah will not be able to talk about her people’s ideas about the Outside world without irony. Emphasize this with your intonation, or make the most attentive of the characters pass the Charisma check (6/10). If they succeed it, they will learn about the hidden aspect of SHILLAH’s personality – *[Hidden] Does not believe in tales about the vicious Outside World. However, she is not ready to confess it to the heroes. Not yet.

By mazelike trails, Shillah leads the heroes to her settlement consisting of a couple of dozen houses, surprisingly not much different from the usual villages.
Karoko people look like Shillah- the same simple clothes and slightly unusual appearance. They also run farms, trade with each other, and live in slightly shabby wooden houses. The heroes can see the carved figures of different animals, symbolizing the Dead God, everywhere. However, the people themselves are not very happy to see the strangers – they will closely follow the heroes, leading their children away. Warriors-hunters of Karoko will hide their families behind their backs and stare the unwelcome guests challengingly.
The Elder of Karoko, GHOLLAH, a woman in her early 60s, with deep, wise eyes, a strict character, and a strong voice. She believes in her destiny as the mouthpiece of the Dead God, but, deep in her soul, she is ready to sacrifice it for her people.
Ghollah tells the heroes about their upcoming trip unwillingly but with hope. She will point out that even though strangers do not care, they should know that if they fail the quest, the Karoko people will bite the dust.

* The voice of the ancestors
* The voice of the Dead God
* [Hidden] Overly pious, but ready to go against any God for the sake of her people

By listening to the conversations, heroes can learn the following facts:

  1. They’re not the first people Shillah brings to the settlement. There were several other groups, but they did not manage to go even through a half of the forest, before they came back horror-stricken.
  2. Shilah takes advantage of being the elder’s daughter. She often travels with the caravans for no serious reason. Some suspect that Shillah likes the Outside world and this will bring trouble to her people.
  3. As a child, Shillah was caught trying to escape. A couple of her friends managed to leave the settlement without her.
  4. Some residents, under certain circumstances, when no one from the settlement hears it, can make it clear to the heroes that they want another, free life. Especially those who have been to the Outside world and know what they’re talking about. But they also know that they have no choice, and escape means leaving their families.

Having inspected the settlement, the heroes can learn the following facts:

  1. Some items, weapons, and materials were brought here from nearby places. Sometimes Karoko people need help with resources and send small caravans to the neighboring villages to replenish their supplies. Such raids are dangerous, especially now, as the Shard neither protects nor hides the settlement – the caravaners tangle their trail and make sure that no one is watching them.
  2. Both the caravaners and the hunters who go to the Dead forest have to wear the animal masks. These masks not only temporarily hide the hunters from the Beasts and the Forest itself, but also, as Ghollah and many elders before her claim, hide the Karoko people from the Other gods. This deception for the greater good is allowed by the elders of the last two generations.
  3. Sometimes people run away from the settlement. These are mostly teenagers, but there are also adults who go with the caravan and escape. It is believed that this is how the gods test the faith of Karoko, and those who escaped had never really belonged to Karoko people, being the incarnations of the Dead forest.
  4. Even though the rules that guide the people’s life may seem strict, a few decades ago the situation was much worse – without caravans, despite the Shard there was not enough food for everyone, and hunting was forbidden.

Let the heroes understand that Karoko people, despite alienation, closed nature, tales about the vicious and destructive Outside World, strictness of the Elder, and deep belief in the Dead God, are slowly moving forward.
The Karoko people are not ready for instant changes; they deeply honor traditions and customs of their ancestors, but some of them are still thinking of another life. Those who have seen the Outside World understand that it is not as dangerous as their great grandfathers told them.

For more ideas of the Karoko village check these featured items or SETTLEMENTS category.

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The residents of Karoko do not leave the settlement without a mask. Each mask is individual and has a form of an animal. In the Dead forest, these masks can not only temporarily hide the wearer, but also endow them with special properties (the number of applications can be limited).
Wolf – attacks from ambush cause greater damage
Hare – increases the wearer’s speed
Bear – greater damage by melee weapons
Boar – allows the wearer to make a leap forward, while scattering the enemies
Owl – gives the wearer enhanced hearing and vision

The heroes have to go deep into the Dead forest, which is not as simple as it seems. The closer they get to the Sanctuary, the more the Dead forest is aware of the alien presence, even if the creatures unknown to it are the heroes.

  • The journey into the depths of the Forest will take at least one day. The heroes will be given masks to choose from to ease their journey, as well as some of the equipment. By the middle of the journey, the Forest will detect the presence of the heroes and try to expel them. It can send the Beasts to the heroes, scare them, confuse them, or raise THE DEAD from the ground.
  • When the heroes reach the Sanctuary, they will surely face the Dead. After passing or fighting them, they will have to go down into a deep well, into caves. Nobody remembers what’s down there anymore – they can take everything they see with them if they bring the Shard. It is very fragile, so if the heroes break it, they will have to come back for a new one, which will appear on a place where the old one lay.

As soon as they bring back the Shard, Ghollah will give them a part of her heirloom wealth, which has a small value in the settlement, but will surely be in demand in the Outside World. Karoko people are ready to provide the necessary supplies from what they have.

You can change the reward at your discretion. It should be big and important enough for your story to really make the heroes want to go all this way.

An endless and dense forest, where it is easy to lose both the path under your feet and the track of time. Despite its small size, the forest can contain rivers, lakes, meadows, and canyons: with each step, the journey of the heroes will become more dangerous.

Complexity of the path through the Dead forest should be shown not only by regular battles with the enemy. Try to confuse the heroes; put abysses and stormy rivers on their way; let the heroes feel like they’re being watched.
Make them pass Will / Wisdom checks to start doubting their abilities; endow them with paranoia, unexplained fear, powerlessness, and then attack them. Make each encounter special.
Check the «Dead Forest Encounters» for more ideas.


From afar, the heroes will notice a weak glow. As they get closer, they will be stepping over more and more debris and ruins that are almost under total control of the Dead forest. In the center of the ruined building, rising above the others, there is a well. That’s where the heroes have to get down.

  • The roots and leaves of the Forest have swallowed up almost the entire Sanctuary, but not the building with the well.
  • The way to the well is full of dangers. Not only the Dead will block the way and prevent the heroes to move forward, but the Sanctuary itself is about to fall to pieces.
  • Halfway to the well, the Forest will fully feel the presence of strangers. The weather will become worse; the fallen Dead will begin to rise again, and dozens of new ones will come from the forest depths.
  • As soon as the heroes climb upwards to the well, the Dead will lose sight of the heroes. Some of the Beasts will go back to the depths of the forest.

Use these features to achieve the most dramatic effect. Let one of the heroes slip and fall down, urging the others to cover them. Let the Dead halfway to the well be so numerous that the heroes will not even dare to fight with them, but move forward, defending themselves from flying spears.
Don’t forget that the heroes can take advantage of the situation. Remind them of decrepitude of the Sanctuary. A couple of fallen walls or barricades will definitely help them in the fight against enemy forces that exceed them in number, but are not so smart.


Having climbed on the highest building in the center of the Sacred Ruins, the heroes will find a deep well. The ladder leant against it looks almost rotten.
Heroes can try going down using the ladder. It will fall apart under the feet of the first brave hero to start going down, until it finally breaks into several parts. The hero will have to use their DEXTERITY SKILLS to minimize the damage.
If the heroes have a rope, the process of going down will be much easier.

No matter how successfully the heroes move forward, don’t make the process of going down too easy. Have they come to idea of using the rope, or is someone helping the others with a levitation spell? It’s time for the creatures from the depths of the Sanctuary to show themselves.

Under the ground, the Sanctuary looks better than from the outside. The prayer place is illuminated by dim light of the well, but nothing can be seen outside of it. The architecture here is well preserved. Splits and cliffs have taken parts of the sanctuary somewhere deep down. The forest tries to surround the sanctuary even here, under the ground, – the roots gradually break through the walls, ceiling, and floor like tentacles of a giant creature.

  • Having looked around, the heroes may notice that the walls of this place are painted with ancient letters that look a bit similar to their native language. By trying to read them (difficulty 6/10), the heroes can learn about the myths and mysteries of their own world, the legends of its creation. However, if this task is failed, the heroes will read terrible and frightening things – about the gloomy future, about cataclysms, the invasions of armies of evil gods on the vicious and sinful ones. Rereading the text, they will no longer see these words, but the oppressive and strange feeling may haunt them until the end of the mission.

This is a good way to tell the heroes about the things they are interested in, about the way the world is organized, about its antiquity. At the same time, these texts can predict the future – in a heroic story, they can even indirectly indicate the heroes themselves, their destinies, and the things they will face. Maybe they will tell the players what is going to happen in their next campaign, if you prefer short stories to epic ones.

  • The shadows around will lure the heroes, forcing them to split up. They are taking the forms of animals, as the Dead God of the Karoko people used to do. Maybe not all of those children’s tales were fictional?

As soon as the heroes split up, or stop to think what to do next, the Forest Beasts will come out of the cracks and walls, preventing them from moving on.
You can use the shadows as you wish, giving the heroes more information about your own world. Do it in a rather frightening and creepy way – the Sanctuary is not glad to see strangers.

The west part of the Prayer Place is fully blocked. The inscriptions say that the Sanctuary’s Servants and Prophets used to live there and left the inscriptions about the past and future on the walls around.

There heroes will find a room filled with numerous wooden figures of the Dead God of Karoko. The figures are made in the forms of various animals, even those that died out hundreds, thousands of years ago. The room looks like shelter of the mad ones, which fascinates those who enter them – a perfect time for a sudden attack by the beasts.

Under the pile of figures, there may be a small chest with interesting, useful, or valuable things for the heroes.

The southern room will attract the heroes with something interesting and important for them right from the doorstep.

What do the approaching heroes want? Knowledge? Weapon? Gold? Let them see it and come closer, unable to resist.

Once the heroes enter the room, the entrance will be blocked by roots sprouted from the walls, and the room will be filled with a dense fog, because of which the heroes will not see anything.
Immediately, the heroes will feel someone’s presence. INVISIBLE CREATURE will want to get the victim in the form of one of the heroes, quickly attacking them and hiding in the fog.
The heroes can burn the roots and escape from the room – the shadow will not follow them. But if they beat it, they will be rewarded. The reward will be not as great they thought it would be, but still quite significant.

From each room (the Northern or Southern one), there is a door leading to a long corridor connected to the EASTERN part of the Sanctuary with a huge stone door. In these corridors, right in front of the room doors, there are LEVERS. If the heroes press both levers at the same time, the door to the eastern part will open and the beasts will run out from it, attacking a group of heroes and dividing it into parts.

You think your archer got used to killing the enemies from afar? Right now you can make him regret about that unbought combat sword which is “useless for the archer“. To reach a better effect, you can also force certain heroes to split up, forcing the characters who don’t like each other to fight together.

Having passed through the gate, the heroes will see the faint large hall, the parts of which fell into the abyss.

In the Northern part, the heroes will see dead bodies swallowed up by the roots. Perished, with flowers growing in their wounds, which slowly heal them, one of the bodies seems to belong to one of the Karoko hunters – he’s wearing a boar mask on his head.

If the hero tries to search the body, the dead lying next to it will suddenly try to grab the curious one and pull to themselves, while inflicting damage.
Having released and decided to search the corpse once again, the hero will find a BONE CHARM and a FIGURE OF GOD in the form of the hare. The charm has no value, but the heroes can return it to the HUNTER’S WIDOW, who will notice their find from afar. She has nothing to express her gratitude to the heroes, but the other Karoko hunters can offer their weapons, which have greater value in the Outside World and inflict greater damage.

Here the heroes will see even more inscriptions on the walls. They’ll tell the heroes the Dead Forest is one of the divine incarnations. It is a living being that was created by the gods to control their earthly creatures. In the era of the End of Times, the forest will play its role as the chastener of all sinners.

The Shard is on the other side of the abyss, shining and attracting the heroes to itself. The heroes can’t just jump over an abyss and reach the other side – they will have to find another way to do it. The walls of the room are destroyed and pierced with roots. The heroes can use this to walk along the walls and reach the other side.

In a dark room, the Shard is floating on a small pedestal. The depth of its color is infinite and the light glow calms even the heroes as they touch it. By squeezing the Shard in the hand, the heroes feel its fragility – it cannot be just thrown into a backpack but should be handled with extreme care.

Although The Shard does cause the roots and the dense vegetation to retreat, it works best in the Sacred Land of Karoko, saving them from the dangers of the Dead Forest.
The forest does not let the heroes just go – its creatures will continue surrounding them both outside the Sanctuary and on their way to the settlement.
The Shard makes presence of the heroes less visible, but the beasts will still chase them and follow their footsteps.
The forest wants to destroy The Shard. First of all, its servants will hunt and attack the one who carries the artifact.
Check the «Dead Forest Encounters» below for more ideas.


As soon as the heroes see the settlement, the familiar figure of Shillah will appear in front of them. She will feel the heroes have completed her quest, but that’s what worries her. Shillah confesses to the heroes that she was the one who broke The Shard. She did it to make her settlement finally stop believing in the old stories of the End of Times. The Karoko people are used to believing in such tales, but actually few of them really care about it.
There are still people who are ready to sacrifice their families to serve the Dead God, although strict prohibitions that used to lead to starvation are lifted.
Many of her friends escaped the settlement in the childhood, while others fled during campaigns for supplies. Their families don’t even want to hear the Outside World can be beautiful and curse the escaped. But in their hearts, they still love them and can understand their decision.
She undertook responsibility, even though she didn’t think it could harm anyone. Her mother, Elder Ghollah, was going to lead the people to other lands, so that they could stop living in isolation, stop being afraid of the Dead Forest and its Beasts, and go to a new future tomorrow.
The Shard will put everything back to its place, and who knows – maybe this gift of the Dead God will finally kill her people, who have already felt the freedom and are unable to forget it. However, if the heroes return the Shard, Shillah will accept the position of her people, but will not be able to live with them on the same land anymore – it is too hard for her. She will leave it as soon as she takes the heroes back to the Outside world. But if they break the artifact, they will do a good deed. Shillah is ready to pay them with her own part of the inheritance – she’s ready for anything for the sake of preserving the future of Karoko people.

Heroes can make their choice. Let them understand that Shillah’s point of view is not unequivocally correct. The heroes can see that Karoko people don’t have the lifestyle they used to have hundreds of years ago. They lift the prohibitions, they are in contact with the Outside world, but still most of them, consciously or not, want to stay in their Sacred land. Does Shillah have the right to decide their destiny? Do the Karoko people have the right to decide the destiny of those who want to leave them, by stopping and cursing the escaped? Do the heroes have the right to decide Karoko’s destiny after learning so little about them? If you can make the heroes, and especially the players, discuss this point – you’ve done your job.


The heroes are walking through the forest, hearing the sounds of birds echoing here and there. A few minutes later, the most attentive of them will notice that the sounds of the forest have completely disappeared.

  • In dead silence, the heroes can strain all their feelings to hear something approaching them from the depths of the forest.

A large flock of the RAISED BOARS rushes at them, across a broad front. There is a loud roar heard behind the creatures’ backs. From somewhere on the side, the heroes will hear a voice calling them to “go aside”. That’s what a Karoko hunter KYLOH shouts. Having looked around and seen several members of his group, the heroes find themselves in the middle of the ambush. The hunters shout to one another with bird voices until one of them shouts of fright that “It is here” and the heroes don’t have to ask what he’s talking about – right behind the running pack, they will see “it” – a GIANT BOAR three times bigger than the others. Kyloh will order everyone to let it pass them, but one of the youngest in the group will throw a spear at the beast. The Giant boar will turn around and run straight towards the confused boy, not paying attention to attempts of the others to stop it.

  • If the heroes don’t manage to stop the huge creature (difficulty 8/10), it will grab the young hunter with its roots and draw him to its body, using it as a shield and hiding behind it. But the young boy will not be enough for it – the creature will want to destroy the rest of those breaking the peace in the forest, with the help of the other boars from its flock.
  • If the heroes do save the boy from danger, the Giant Boar will not stop trying to grab at least one of them in captivity, and destroying the others.

Do you want to turn this encounter into a side quest? The Giant Boar, after several injuries, can drag the hunter deep into the forest, and the heroes will have to follow the creature’s trail, right to its lair.
When the heroes, assisted by the hunters, finish the battle, Kyloh will approach them to express gratitude. The members of his group will stay aside, carefully examining the wanderers, and someone may even warn Kyloh not to incur troubles for his family. The hunter leader won’t be afraid to shake the hand of every hero (“It’s what you do as a sign of respect there, in the Outside World, isn’t it?“).

  • Kyloh often walks with the caravans and is therefore not afraid of the Outside World and even has a couple of friends there. As expression of his gratitude, he can share the knowledge about vulnerabilities of the beasts he’s seen with the heroes, if they don’t know about them yet, or show them the way to or from the Sanctuary, so that the heroes don’t waste time wandering through the forest.

Moving through the treacherous Dead Forest, the heroes will discover a trampled glade that leads to a large and dark cave.

  • Barely will the heroes think about avoiding this place, as the hardly hearable moan of pain will be heard from the depths of the cave. There’s someone in there.
  • There are traces of dried blood, bones, and pieces of tortured animals leading into the cave.

The inside of the cave looks like a deep lair of a giant creature. Along the walls with protruding roots, there will be picked around bones of the forest animals. Among the pile of bones, the heroes will find a wounded Karoko, tightly wrapped around by roots and branches. He is seriously hungered and dehydrated, but his wounds are not so serious. He wants to say something, but when the heroes hear an impending rustle from the cave entrance, they understand him without many words. A few meters high OGRE, covered in moss and roots, came home. Seeing the uninvited guests, it throws a huge club on its shoulder and roars deafeningly.

  • The stones hanging over its head can be dropped down right on the ogre, which will stun it for a while.
  • Having defeated the ogre and brought the wounded man to consciousness, the heroes can either let him go to the settlement on his own or bring the poor man to the settlement, where his family has been waiting for him for a long time.

The tooth of such an unusual Ogre can be sold for a good price on the market.

On their way to or from the Sanctuary, the heroes will hear strange animals screaming over their heads, without being able to see the source. Barely getting used to them, they will notice a flock of birds swooping right at them in a V formation.
Even if the heroes avoid damage from such an attack, they won’t be able to avoid one of the birds grabbing something valuable (Scabbard with a father’s sword, a flask with expensive ingredient, or even The Shard?).
The heroes will see the thief taking its find to the largest and tallest tree in the forest.

  • Approaches to the tree are guarded by The Dead, knowing about presence of the heroes nearby.
  • The lower branches of the tree are huge, so anyone can climb them easily. The tree itself will feel the presence of strangers, so after climbing such a branch, the hero will find themselves surrounded by numerous human-like silhouettes formed by the roots.
  • The dangers don’t come to an end, as the hero has passed the wide branches – besides fear of huge height, the climbing hero will have to dodge from the suicidal sharp turns of the forest birds.
  • For his bravery, the hero can find something useful for themselves and the group at the top of the tree.

Want more? Check these additional featured maps or WILDERNESS category for even more ideas.

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RAISED DEAD (difficulty 5/10)
A dead bony corpse, whose wounds are covered with leaves and roots
* If fire burns the roots, the Dead can be easily destroyed with a powerful blow
*After getting serious wounds, the Dead can retreat and connect with the trees, restoring its strength
* After getting serious wounds, the Dead can be absorbed by the healthy Dead, increasing its health and strength

RAISED BOAR (difficulty 3/10)
A corpse of an animal whose wounds are covered with leaves and roots
* Can run through its enemies, knocking them down
* Can trap the victim’s foot with its roots, dragging it behind

RAISED BEAR (difficulty 8/10)
A corpse of an animal whose wounds are covered with leaves and roots
* Kicks the enemies in different directions with powerful hits
* Can fall on the enemy with its own weight and put the roots in the ground, stiffening and immobilizing the victim

RAISED WOLF (difficulty 4/10)
A corpse of an animal whose wounds are covered with leaves and roots
* While being close to another Wolf, it can unite with it for one powerful attack
* After having grabbed the enemy, partially entangles them with its roots, giving advantage for attacking the same target


RAISED WALKER (difficulty 3/10)
Slow but strong beast of the Dead Forest
* Appears in large numbers
* If fire burns the roots, the Dead can be easily destroyed with a powerful blow

RAISED TOUGH ONE (difficulty 9/10)
Very strong and large beast of the Dead Forest
* Long, powerful arms deal wide blows that throw the heroes back
* Cutting 3 big roots around the body gives access to a vulnerable area on the back

RAISED WINDING ONE (difficulty 7/10)
The beast with mighty root-hand
* Fires with a trap made of roots and branches
* A long arm can hit the heroes at a long distance


A furious servant of the Dead Forest
* In a rage, it tears down everything in its way
* Roots on the sides can grab and immobilize the heroes if they’re not chopped off

RAISED OGRE (difficulty 10/10)
A giant ogre from the Dead Forest
* The ogre’s roar (once every few rounds) knocks out and shakes the heroes
*By cutting down the roots on the Ogre’s left leg, the heroes will immobilize it
* By cutting down the roots on the Ogre’s right arm, the heroes will make it drop its club and continue attacking them with its second arm

BRANCH SILHOUETTE (difficulty 3/10)
A fragile but strong defender of the giant tree
* Punches the heroes away and tries throwing them down from the tree


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