MARCH ’21 UPDATE #2: Immersive maps + free bonus map

Hello! Today we want to share some exciting updates on our content, and even more – on our philosophy.And give you the bonus map with these updated views.


We love immersive sims, like Dishonored, Prey, Deus Ex. So we decided to give our maps some new flavor – make them less linear, more tactical and interactive. We updated our mindset about what makes our maps unique and why you should follow us:

  • High detailed thematic maps with lots of props and lights. We think with modern software and huge map archives you can create and find a lot of maps for battles in common places (“forest”, “tavern”, “cave”). We want to give you more unique maps, even scenarios or scenes. Not every encounter can include such map, but if you find the right way to put it in your game – the map will shine like no other.
  • Multiple paths. Our maps should have multiple ways for heroes to reach their goals. They should have at least two different paths to important locations, use their skills to use the environment for their advantage, make important tactical decisions as much as possible.
  • Interactivity. It’s not so simple with the tabletop nature of our games to interact with the map, but we could afford some visible challenges and opportunities for the players. Some of it can be described by the GM, some will be as interactive assets that you can easily put and delete with your favorite virtual tabletop.
  • Designed to be played. We want our maps to be as clear as they could be. We love beautifully drawn maps with some interesting perspectives too, but players should understand where they can stand or get cover. We want to set the right mood with some exterior pics of important places, without ruining the experience of the “game” part of your adventure.

So, what to expect?


Here what you can find in our future maps, and now with the bonus map already.

  • Complex maps with interesting, challenging layouts with multiple problems to solve by the players.
  • Interactive assets. Each patron (Adventurer Tier and higher) will get interactive assets to place. Movable box that opens the secret path, pushable rock to destroy enemies down the hill, a magical trap to disable, and more. Make your players be more creative, use their skills, the environment around them to achieve their goals. And if you love your games with minimal preparations – we’ll still have a classic variant with chosen assets placed. You’ll not have visible interactivity but still can explain necessary information to your players with the power of your words.
  • Map Guide. Each patron (Adventurer Tier and higher) will get a special PDF with a little guide for the base version of the map. There you’ll find DM versions of the map with all important locations, recommended placement of the interactive assets, traps, treasures, tips to make the experience more enjoyable.

Don’t take our word for it – explore it by yourself in the bonus map below, and let us know your thoughts! But first, please be advised about some patron’s reward removal and our Instagram page!

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  • Adventurer Tier additional version change. Usually, Adventurer Tier gets the Night version of each map, but we want to replace it with the Interactive version + map guide. We think it’s more interesting and useful.
  • Cycles. For a year now we are creating adventures. And as you know, each adventure belongs to a certain cycle, and each cycle has 3 adventures. We decided to let go the cycles part. Each month – a new adventure with a new theme. But sometimes, of course, the adventure or theme may continue.
  • Hex grid. We decided to remove hex versions for each map but keep no-grid version. We think that it’s pretty hard to get the hex grid right for everyone, and we want to make sure we deliver the best quality content possible. Square versions are the main versions and more playable with our maps, but if you want to change the grid – use no-grid version and place it as you want it! If you think it’s a bad idea – let us know!


Mitchell, the artist of our project, created an Instagram page! If you want to know how we create things (besides Creator Tier PSDs, sketches and progress images), give her a follow. Recent news, work-in-progress maps, little tips – we promise to make it interesting and useful!