There is truth in every story. Even old children’s tales contain not only warnings and admonitions for the younger generation but also scraps of knowledge about the old world and its inhabitants. And sometimes it is difficult to recognize someone real and familiar in exaggerated images of heroes and villains. After all, in real life, the heroes don’t look so strong and the villains aren’t so merciless. In the real world, roles often change, and the characters in it act far more ferociously than the villains in the most violent stories. And then one can only hope that the horrors of the real world will cease someday, becoming a bedtime story for its children.


Heroes may get to the town of Overbrook by chance on their way to the bigger target. At first sight, it does not differ much from the usual small settlement in these lands. However, the unusual location and history of Overbrook can make it a direct participant in interesting and important events.


1Merchant guild owner wants to find his caravan with expensive jewelry that disappeared in the local lands.
2Baron needs to know why the elder of Overbrook has not yet arrived with his family to plan the wedding at his manor.
3A door to the treasury of the old druid discovered by the heroes will not open until they know the true name of the powerful hermitess who lives near Overbrook.
4In a few days, the duke’s army, going to war with the savages, will arrive in Overbrook. The town should be completely safe by the time they arrive.
5An absent-minded seventh son of the dead king, who did not inherit any coin from his father and ran away from his home, is wanted by his brothers.
6Rumors of an impending change in the magical balance alarm the local sorcerers. It seems that something is about to happen in Overbrook. Or has already happened.


A small town emerged near an old mine that provided resources to the local lands until it ran out. Now Overbrook lives off the trade, being situated in an excellent location for it. The past few decades were especially good for the town, which is why the locals often call it the “Gods’ favorite”.
Center of the town. Locals regularly gather here to exchange goods and to sell their surplus to neighboring villages. According to an ancient custom, on the last day of the month, the residents arrange a feast here, the main dish of which is the local fish. A temple on the square serves as a place for offerings to the local gods. A large family of the town’s elder, whose distant miner ancestors founded the town, lives in the luxurious houses nearby.
Endless luck. People say that the good location of the town allows every local resident to find activities to their liking. The town has a long tradition of raising cattle, farming, hunting, and fishing – it is as if nature was always full of life and resistant to any harsh winter. But settlers who have come to Overbrook in recent years find themselves unpleasantly surprised – the rumors about the town are only partially true. Sometimes fish runs out, wildfowl does not appear for a long time, and the cold destroys the crops. Where has the good fortune that made Overbrook famous gone?
Abandoned places. In addition to the abandoned, rubble-filled mine, there is a small island with an ancient crypt near the town. No one knows why it is here or when it was built. To avoid incurring the wrath of the gods or some other forces, there is a special decree in the town – no one is allowed to approach the entrance to the mines or come to the island with the crypt. However, this only encourages the local children to play in these strange and forbidden places.
Northern swamp. Once there was a beautiful forest in the north of the town, which provided the hunters with wildfowl for months to come. Now it is a swampy, toxic area that poisons everything around it. According to the residents, an evil witch lives in those places.


There are things that Overbrook locals don’t talk about. And the witch living in the northern swamps is one of them.
Missing heiress. Things are going very badly for the family of the elder who governs Overbrook. It all began with great joy – the old family has finally become an heir. The price was the poor health of the girl born – no matter how hard healers and sorcerers worked, they could not heal her completely, so she remained crippled forever. The other children laughed at her in spite of her status. Her parents did not try to protect her, as if the locals treated her peculiarities rightly. Many times they turned a blind eye to her problems.
Trying to prove her strength to everyone the girl decided to get into the depths of the blocked mine which was forbidden to walk in. She got out a month later when no one was looking for her anymore, without remembering a single detail of her journey. But she gained something – an ability for magic that the locals hadn’t seen for a long time.
At the cost of her own health, she spent decades curing serious wounds, warding off bad weather, filling the water with fish, and luring animals to the forest. Though the town blossomed to unprecedented heights, even then she was not taken seriously – only as an instrument that could fulfill wishes and whims. And when she ran out of power and needed a rest, people were furious. Especially the members of her family, who had as many wishes as anyone else.
More and more often, she went beyond the northern bridge at night, finding more peace in the local woods than in her own home. One day she stayed there forever, creating a house in just one night. And even then the townsfolk went to her to fulfill their needs until she vowed vicious revenge on her offenders and set traps around her new home, hiding it under a layer of fog.
It was only then that the locals left her alone, and, as a sign of contempt, destroyed the only bridge to her dwelling. Meanwhile, the northern forest rotted more and more each day, ultimately detaching itself from Overbrook.
The time has come. For many years, no one has heard anything of the witch from the swamps. But now more and more problems emerge in the town every month – money is running out, cattle are sick, and food supplies will suffice for only one winter. Luck has left Overbrook and people recalled the curses of the witch who chased them out from her swamps. There are rumors about strange silhouettes in the night, circling the sky and creeping along the streets, about growling and laughter in the depths of the forest, about a strange glow on the island with the crypt, and about howling from the abandoned mine.
Undoubtedly – the witch wants revenge on the people of the town, as she once promised. But is there any way to stop her? Or maybe aren’t the townspeople worthy of help from the heroes? What if the heroes take advantage of the conflict and try to make some wealth by escaping the cursed town at just the right moment? It’s up to you to decide.

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