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Hello and welcome to our collection of settlements, maps and assets!

If you just starting to explore our content, we can provide a little guidance to what you may try on our website or Patreon blog, before you decide to support us or not.


Here you’ll find some of our favorites maps and settlements. Free versions of each pack included!
Check our Map collection to find even more new maps, assets and settlements!

Also, you may explore our free Battlemaps and Settlements albums for more images!

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Our maps have different versions that you may use for your adventure. Just find the right one, create a story, and play on it with your group.

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With each battlemap we are trying to create a tactical experience for your players. Find the way around and ambush your enemies! Find the hidden treasure! Use the environment to your advantage!

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We created 12 adventures for you to explore! By supporting us, you’ll get access to all of them. Our first adventure “Hiding from Corruption”, with all of the maps, cards and tokens of the enemies, character portraits and assets are available for free.


Sometimes we upload asset and icon packs that you can use. Our battlemaps have No-props version where you can place assets and create your own encounters. By subsribing to our Master Tier (4$), you’ll get access to additional asset packs!

Take a look at our our growing asset and icon packs collection and choose what you like! As an example, you can download our Heroes Camp assets for free!

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