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This website contains all of the content that we create on our Patreon page, categorized and filtered for more comfort. Here you will find more than 150+ battlemaps, settlements, building maps with the exterior, assets and adventures.
Why choose us?

  • High detailed thematic maps with lots of props and lights. We think with modern software and huge map archives you can create and find a lot of maps for battles in common places (“forest”, “tavern”, “cave”). We want to give you more unique maps, even scenarios or scenes. Not every encounter can include such map, but if you find the right way to put it in your game – the map will shine like no other.
  • Multiple paths. Our maps have multiple ways for heroes to reach their goals. They should have at least two different paths to important locations, use their skills to use the environment for their advantage, make important tactical decisions as much as possible.
  • Interactivity. It’s not so simple with the tabletop nature of our games to interact with the map, but we could afford some visible challenges and opportunities for the players.
    Some of it can be described by the GM, some will be as interactive assets that you can easily put and delete with your favorite virtual tabletop.
  • Designed to be played. We want our maps to be as clear as they could be. We love beautifully drawn maps with some interesting perspectives too, but players should understand where they can stand or get cover. We want to set the right mood with some exterior pics of important places, without ruining the experience of the “game” part of your adventure.

When you subscribe to our Patreon blog, not only you choose the amount of additional content you want to access. You choose to show your support for our work, your desire to see more from us. And we greatly appreciate it.

Try it for yourself! One of our adventure with a lot of content and our first immersive map, with a guide and interactive assets, are available for free:

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4 charges per month, for each map pack of the month.
Square grid version of 2 of them will be available for everyone, and the other 2 – only for my patrons.

If you want to limit your support for any reason – please be advised that you can set the monthly limit and limit amount of charges per month – you still get access to all of the maps, no matter how many of them you support.


Every piece of our content, from adventures to maps, contains different versions of it.


For at least 2$ a month you’ll get full access to every map we ever created + 4 out of 4 monthly maps.
With the base version, gridless variant of each battlemap and patron’s polls, you get special Interactive version and Map guide of every battlemap. Interactive assets help you hide and reveal necessary items on the map (secret paths, traps, explosive barrels) and Map guide will help you make the best experience of the map – it shows you recommended Interactive assets placement, what options heroes may have, alternative paths, ambush places and etc.)

Full map collection access (150+ maps)
Interactive version with interactive assets and map guide
Gridless versions of every battle map
Patrons-only polls for one of the map packs of the month


If you want some choice, you came to the right place. Master Tier patrons get additional 2 versions of each map (and it’s not just a different color scheme) and special clear (no-props) version of each battlemap + map assets.
So you can create your own version of the map layout that your own adventure needed! (and build a huge assets collection too)

2 additional versions of each battlemap (and it’s not just a different color scheme)
No props (clear) version of each battlemap for assets to place
PNG assets from each battlemap


Redesigning maps is not enough? Do you want to create your own? And even more content? You got it! 2 more versions (5 total) and exclusive access to assets packs + an additional one each month will allow you to build your own encounters and maps.
Want to know how we create our maps to gain some experience? With each map pack, you got my sketches, step-by-step process images, and even PSD file of each map to explore. Change the colors, the layout, or just make your unique version – all files are greatly organized for easy customization.

The MASTER TIER content
2 more map versions (5 in total)
– Access to exclusive Creator Assets pack collectionone additional pack per month
Organized PSD file of each map
Sketches and step-by-step pics


You appreciate our work and you have the ability to support it even more. We really appreciate that. Patrons of both TIERs will get our special thanks on the front page of our website, and ARCHITECT TIER subscribers additionally may get a non-commercial personalized map with every 90$ they spent on the TIER.

The CREATOR TIER content (look for posts and download links named as CREATOR+)
Your name on the front page of our website
– Ability to get non-commercial map by your description and sketch for every 90$ spent on this TIER. The map will be published with your name on it (ARCHITECT TIER only)
Our deepest gratitude for supporting our work